CrossRoads Panorama (CRP) is a community-based youth arts program that helps youth; ages 5 on up, break free of challenging behaviors. Operating in the heart of Minneapolis and the Metro Area, it combines creative dramatization techniques to empower youth with tools to explore and understand real life issues. CRP’s successful use of drama as an interactive learning experience gives youth a viable way to visualize problems and make positive choices.

Program 1: Creative Drama

Youth participate in a variety of musical and theatrical activities to help them gain exposure to acting, make-up, costuming, and stage design.

Program 2: Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is an active, experiential approach to facilitating change. CrossRoads utilizes this tool to provide stepping stones for youth facing challenging life issues.

Program 3: Storytellers Workshop

Youth participants will have the opportunity to learn the art of storytelling, creative writing, and getting their stories published. This workshop is an after-school workshop program, writing- storytelling- improvisation and much more!

Transitional Restorative Justice Program

CrossRoads Panorama(CRP) has a Transitional Program for youth who have been released from holding facilities, to support their successful transition back into community living. Our program includes youth who may have had a troubled past or youth who voluntarily choose to participate. This program works as a boot camp to reduce the rate of recidivism by helping youth avoid the mistakes of the past. The program includes both males and females, ages 13-25, who reside in Minnesota.

CRP incorporates specific life situation themes, i.e., anger, violence, self-esteem, peer pressure, conflict resolution, substance abuse, and character development into the workshop program components.

Hollywood Act 1 & 2

A Star is Born

Hollywood Act 1, is an entity of Crossroads Panorama program, that gives students the opportunity of “hands-on” filming and editing through the use of technology.  Students will write their story and create a detailed storyboard for filming their project.  In addition, the youth participants will have the opportunity to explore their writing skills through, creating a short story book of their own and getting published. This experience will give them an opportunity to hear stories from community seniors, to learn, understanding their stories and using as a base to the youth’s story. For ages 6-12.