A rewrite of Scrooge In tha Hood by Dr. Joyce Marrie, was inspired by this play, based on the original Scrooge in The Hood by Debra Davis Bell.

About the storyline – Scrooge in the Hood is a musical drama performance, adapted from the holiday classic by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. The original script is an expansion and rewrite by CRP’s Executive Director, Joyce Marrie, from a similar adaptation to the classic tale based on the original Scrooge in the Hood by Deborah Davis Bell. Charles Dickens original version addresses emotions and relationships associated with greed. In contrast, Scrooge in the Hood is addressing greed in the context of current societal issues including violence, drug abuse, and broken relationships. The play is set within a larger community struggling with anger, poverty as a result of oppression.

Scrooge in Tha Hood is a great outreach project for the community
 and the Twin Cites as a whole. Scrooge in Tha Hood Play challenges team effort for the actors to be discipline and productive. We are always looking for ways to make this production exciting. We see a great need to empower youth and families to visualize and understanding difficult life issues so they can make positive life choices.
The participants will be empowered and gain a sense of self-worth by tapping into their creativity enhanced skills, finding purpose and hope now and tomorrow.

Historical and Modern This is a newer version of today’s younger Scrooge, dealing with today’s societal issues. This play will be able to relate to the younger generation, whereas in time past, the era of Scrooge story was depicting the early 70’s

Scrooge Characters: After many years of putting the play on, this year will be an exciting time with new music score, choreography, this musical production will introduce a professional choreographer and featured dancers recruited from the local community.

The Music is a high-energy blend of Gospel and contemporary music. Joy Groce-Mobley, Ms. Minnesota Idol, and new CD release, second-year singing at the Mall of America, will share her artistry during the production and intermission. She is a former participant of Crossroads Panorama for over 10 years.

Play Goals: The goal of this project is to provide an opportunity for participants who have had no prior training in acting, singing and dance, will participate in the staging of a play, particularly a production that sheds light on a real world. This is a story that youth can relate to and understand making positive changes and to become successful in their lives. Also, it gives an opportunity for the youth to get involve and discover their gifts, and expand by using their creative self. We prepare them for the real world and be productive in the community.

As the youth participate in this learning experience they are not just acting in a play, but they are learning how to work as a team, respect, communicate with one another and make healthy choices during the rehearsals and the overall opportunity experience. This opportunity helps them to expand on their potential, improved reading, memorizing and be successful academically and socially.


– December 8th at 7PM
– December 9th at 1PM & 7PM
– December 10th at 3PM