Welcome to CrossRoads Panorama!

Our mission is to equip youth with positive life-long learning experiences that will empower purpose, self-worth and change.

​Youth participate in role-playing, theater, games, and improvisational activities that give youth a chance to express themselves.

Our Staff

Joyce Marrie, Ph.D, our executive director, strong background in all aspects of cultural arts and learn more

Jamela Pettiford, M.A. our program director, empowering youth as a capable instructor learn more

Hours Of Operation

Sunday:        Closed
Monday:       10:30am-6pm
Tuesday:       9:30am-7pm
Wednesday:  9:30am-6pm
Thursday:    10:00-am-7pm
Friday:           9:30am-6pm
​Saturday:      Open for special programs

Acting Sessions

Coaching sessions are available in singing, acting, writing and speaking.

​Just call for an appointment!


310 East 38th Street (located in Sabathani Community Center)

Minneapolis, MN, 55409

Mailing Address: PO Box 26054

St. Louis Park, MN, 55426

You Can Help Us Raise Funds Passionate about what we do? Help us do even more! Set up an individual fundraising page. Then mobilize your friends, family and co-workers to support us. It’s easy to set goals and track progress.Please Go to the donate page and make your donation. Thank you!