Our mission is to equip youth with positive life-long learning experiences that will empower purpose, self-worth, and change.

Youth participate in role-playing, theater, games, and improvisational activities that give youth a chance to express themselves.



"Joyce is an artist who brushes all colors and textures of people across the canvas of a stage. Hers is a theatrical masterpiece of life—not only as it is or was, but as it could be. Through role play, the impossible becomes possible—as she resolves hopeless conflicts with unique scripts. Through dramatic storytelling, she opens our eyes to the past and the future. " - Mary
"Through her writing, she unlocks our shackled hearts and minds with reflections on another’s sufferings and overcoming attitudes. Then she leads us by the hand to apply their insights to our situations. She teaches us to observe how others could bargain through deep grief and move forward from pain. She gives us the healing vocabulary to end our own story well, then encourages us to fill in the blanks. As artist and teacher, she shows us how to take a new canvas… begin again… and create a beautiful work. " -
"All glory, however, must go to Joyce’s Secret of success—to God be the glory. He is The Master Creator—who took chaos and created beauty, order, harmony, variety. Through the forgiveness offered and paid for by her Lord, Jesus Christ, anything is possible. Miracles and healing abound for the true follower of Jesus. She finds strength on her knees—in prayer. To God be the glory. He gave the gift of Joyce, and she points us all back to Him—the Way, the Truth, the Life. Her love for people is from God, who loves us all and would have us all be saved. Joyce’s love for God and people are the foundation of who she is and everything she does. God is love and love is our aim. And I believe it is the aim of my friend, Joyce." -
"A true artist, Joyce is a free spirit, filled with the joyful enthusiasm of a heart at peace with God and others. Above all, Joyce is a true friend. She challenges and nurtures every person within reach, with a genuine concern for every individual." -
"The best therapy I received from Joyce’s drama productions was the laughter and brainstorming I did with her. Though she is the life of the party, handling a whole cast of actors and crew, she is a wonderful, fun-loving person one on one. " -
"Joyce and I had great fellowship about the all the good things that happened with plays—the good news of how it all came together! There were many signs of God’s blessing on the plays. People blossomed as they discovered their talents and burst with joy at having a special part. Everyone had a part to play as they explored their favorite things to do. My thing was always art and music and creating props in the background. Though I’m not a people person like Joyce, we could work together being creative. It was my joy and pleasure to see how a prop I created made the actress shine on the stage. " -
"Depression has been my life-long struggle—sabotaging dreams I had and making me lonely and alone. At the time Joyce directed the play “God’s Creation Comes to Life”, I felt I had nothing to live for. Always being a loner, I was in a dangerous place when my boyfriend and I broke up. It was my serious conviction that I would never meet another man and would have to live the rest of my life alone. But Joyce came along and changed everything with her love of life and people and the Lord. She immediately put my creative talents to work, giving me purpose and enthusiasm for life again. We brainstormed together what would make a good cover for the program. “Let’s do some hands!” Joyce would suggest. So, in the dark room, we both put our hands on the light-sensitive paper and out came the art for the program. " -
"My favorite part in the play was to make a crown of stars for the actress who portrayed the stars in that play. I found a “Cool Whip” bowl and took wire and crystal stars I found at a costume store and fashioned a crown for that actress. Though I had been having a bad day, doing this prop cheered me up. It was fun for me to do! Joyce told me to jump on the bus and bring what I had. When I sat in the balcony watching this actress wear my crown, peace and joy flooded my soul. All was well as I sat by my friend, Joyce, enjoying the play." -
"But the drama therapy I enjoyed most was after the play, in the wee hours of the morning. My friend, Joyce, called after she got home and we spent a couple hours on the phone—laughing and talking about how well the play went and all the wonderful things that happened. God is good and has a great sense of humor. Joyce sees the humor and wonder of how God puts people and talents together… and she can’t wait to see what He will do next. It is an adventure each new day… to see what and who God brings together. Every person is special and unique, and all of us have a special friendship with Joyce and each other. It has been said of Joyce’s acting cast and crew that we were a great, loving community. We are like family—and we always had fun working together. Most of all I remember the laughter. Joyce is always laughing—happy and joyful and full of love and joy. She is a blessing from the Lord and her cup is always running over—especially into sometimes empty cups like mine." -

Back stage opening night of “Scrooge in the Hood” with the actors. The old Blockbuster has been transformed. Thanks to Joyce Marrie and Crossroads Panorama. Break a leg guys! – Simon Trautmann, Richfield City Council Member 


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